Talk at ECVP 2018

29 Aug 2018

I’m gonna talk about Brain mechanisms of arithmetic: a crucial role for ventral temporal cortex at the Numerical Vision symposium organized by Ben Harvey during the 41st European Conference on Visual Perception, from August 26-30th 2018, in Trieste, Italy.

The other speakers are: David Burr, Michele Fornaciai and Andreas Wutz.

Recent research demonstrates that the number of objects in an image (numerosity) is an important parameter for the visual system. This symposium explores links between numerical vision and vision science’s central topics. They include links to various visual functions, from spatio-temporal integration in the early visual system, to working memory, multisensory integration, object recognition, temporal perception and eye movements. They also include neural mechanisms found throughout the visual system: adaptation, neural tuning functions, topographic maps and visual evoked potentials. Our speakers explore these links using various advanced behavioral, neuroimaging and computational methods, placing numerical vision in mainstream of vision science.