Online talk: SRCD Biennial Meeting

07 Apr 2021

I’m gonna give an online talk at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Biennial Meeting about Arithmetic Encoding in the Human Brain on the Symposium: Navigating Number Concepts Across Developmentb>.

Chair: </i>i>Denitza Dramkin, University of British Columbia (UBC)

Language Input Matters for the Development of Numerical Concepts: Evidence from Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children
Stacee Santos, Boston College; Hiram Brownell, Boston College; Marie Coppola, University of Connecticut; Anna Shusterman, Psychology; Sara Cordes, Boston College;

Parents’ and Children’s use of Magnitude and Ordinal Relational Vocabulary
Madeleine Oswald, University of Chicago; Michelle Hurst, University of Chicago; Kierra Thompson, The University of Chicago; Susan Levine, University of Chicago;

How Children Map Number Words to Their Perceptual Representations
Denitza Dramkin, University of British Columbia (UBC); Darko Odic, University of British Columbia (UBC);

Arithmetic Encoding in the Human Brain
Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas, Stanford University;